Trash book project

The purpose of Trash Book is to increase knowledge about recycling and enhance global understanding amongst young people. All Global Buddy Schools will be entitled to log into the Trash Book Website, which is under construction (membership is free – application form), be connected to another buddy school somewhere in the world and use the pedagogical tools about recycling provided on the site.

The material that will be provided may be used to the extent the teacher feels fit the local curriculum. Trash Book may also be integrated or serve as a complement to other recycling initiatives. It has been designed to be adjustable to different settings and ambitious levels.

Lesson       Title                                           Comment

    1             Start-Up                                      Explanation and assignments

    2             Garbage Collection                   Homework or at school yard

    3             Garbage Creation Phase           Create something out of your trash

    4            Documentation &                       Communicate with your Buddy School


    5             Feed Back & Recycling              Recycle the remaining trash

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