Tillbaka till skolan

Today,dated 31st May,2015 was our first class after the earthquake of 25th April,2015 was resumed according to the Government Of Nepal.I was very excited because my classes were resumed after a long break and was excited  to meet my friends and teachers and wanted to know about their experience of earthquake.

All the students should reach the school at 9.30 am but today I reached school bit fast to meet my friends and teachers.I was very happy to see them.All of my
classmates were sharing their experience about earthquake and I also shared with them.All the students except mine were taken out for sports programme.Our classes were continued  as we are in class 10 which is considered a iron gate.My teachers came to take class and before starting they told about the safety measures to be taken during earthquake and my class finished at 4 pm.
I am happy because only few aftershocks are felt.I hope it will stop very soon and we can spend everyday without any pain and fear.
Anisha Lamichhane
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