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It was 18th day of earthquake .Small aftershocks were felt and the earthquake experts were saying that we shouldn’t worry because if small aftershocks are felt then there is no chance of big earthquake so we were sitting calmly in our own house. I had just came from my friends house .My brother, sister and my mother were watching TV and I was sleeping. My father and elder sister had gone out.

When the time reached 12:52 pm, our TV rack started shaking. For a moment, we thought it may be a small aftershock but the rack started shaking harder. Then, we all ran at a safe place. we ran without slippers. All of our neighbors gathered there. We were so scared. I had no courage to go up and wear slippers. We came to know that it was an aftershock of the earthquake of 25th April 2015.It was an earthquake of 6.8 rector scale. We all decided to build camp and stay at the ground. After sometime, my father and sister arrived. When we were sitting in the ground small aftershocks were still felt. Till today dated 28th May, 2015 We are spending the night in the tent.


I am still thinking what is happening in our country. More than 8000 people had already died and many of our historical buildings had been destroyed. I am praying for our country with god.

Name: Anisha Lamichhane / 15 years old
Grade: 10
School: Greenland Int’l. Boarding school, Kathmandu Nepal

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