Mina dagar efter jordbävningen

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Namaste from Nepal

Hello everyone. My name is Aniruddha Pokhrel.Today i am going to write once again about the days ,how we are passing after the earthquake.

Nowadays our life is very boring and we do not have anything to do.But till today also we are getting the aftershocks.So we are not only bored,we are scared too.So many of the children are not reading or not studing.They are just playing and running here and there.

So i thought that it was not good for the children and also not good for their studies.So yesterday i discussed with the parents of the children and as i am a bit big for them ,so i said the parents that i will teach them.And the parents also agreed.

Now i teach them maths and english and also give them some homework to do.Nowadays i am also not feeling bored and i am happy to teach them.

Your faithfully
Aniruddha Pokhrel

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