Min erfarenhet av jordbävningen


Today it was 11:56 am when the earthquake came.We all hostellers were watching TV because it was Saturday and as you know ,we get holidays in Saturday.Suddenly, the table and chair were shaking.We did not knew that  it was earthquake but after one or two minutes it started to shake more harder.We have five tables in our hall.We went under the table.But the earthquake did not stop . All the books in the racks,in the hall were falling down.The photos were falling from the wall and the hostellers and my parents were praying to the god and were just saying the name of the god.But me and Unique were just watching what the hostellers do. I think after 2 or 3 minutes the earthquake was slowing down.Then,we were very scared and suddenly my parents said to run to the school ground.Then all of us ran very fast to the ground.All our neighbours also ran to our school ground because it is safe there.Then,all the people and all of us were very scared so they ran to their house and brought mattress and blankets for their family and they settled in school ground.We also did the same thing and settled in the ground .It was cold in the ground so we planned to do camp firing.We brought wood and started to do camp firing .All the people and children were very scared especially the children .The children were crying.

Then it came the night.Everyone was sleeping but i was not . Me and some neighbours were talking the whole night in the ground infront of the fire.Then it was 5am and the night finished and it was dawn a new day started but the previous day we got atleast 12 aftershocks of more than 6 ricter scale.

Aniruddha Pokhrel
Age: 14
The Acme Academy,Kathmandu

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