Min erfarenhet av jordbävningen – Santoshi




The dark day for Nepal, 25th April. It was the day of Saturday. I was returning from village as I had gone there to attend some kind of puja on wednesday.

I was on the way of Pharping and the time was 11:58am. I didn’t recognize the shock but I saw a roof falling down on other side of the hill. The mud of that house was blowing so roughly that whole hill was unseen and the way was blocked. At first, I thought the epicenter of the earthquake was on other country and we just feel the small shock but I was wrong earthquake was first strike in Nepal and the epicenter was Gorkha, Barpak. I was shocked with the situation that earthquake has bought. Everone were busy with their cellphone talking to their relatives. There was a tenson and tears on their face. I was shocked and I look at my cell phone but the network was busy so I switch off my phone n on it again and continuously the phone rang. Everybody were worrying about me as I was travelling alone. I got pause fpr a while because I don’t have thought of the situation that I had just faced. After some hours I reached Kathmandu, kalanki. I rome around to many places like sundhara, basantapur, kritipur. Everywhere the house and roads were demolished.

As I was late to reach home everybody scolded me, my friends, my family as my phone was off. It was such a frightening moment that many house were destroyed and the dead body were of large number. The days was such a adventurous but looking to many peoples around me I was hurted also. The situation was very critical. And the next day of earthquake I went to thankot, chekpost as there was my aunt’s house. It was a safe place to live to survive from earthquake. Almost for 5 days I stayed there but the situation was same and I decide to go to my own village then I went to my village. I stayed there for 2 weeks and I thought the day was normal so I return back. My school was closed so I don’t have work to do I join the I 2 we (NGO) volunteer. My work was to help patient in trauma center. Some days I word there and there was a rally on 29 Baisakh, we were on the way when the second earthquake strikes at 12:56 pm. We all volunteer rush toward Tudikhel for the protection after a while I return to trauma centre. The hospital was full of patient within a minute. There was no empty ward for the patient. L0oking towards the patient condition I decide to return home as my parents were worrying about me . I help for a while but when a patient die in front of me I can’t control my tears and return back to home. On the way the condition was really very bad. The situation was like before. And this time I feel the earthquake of 7.4 hector.

The same daily routine repeats on my life as I had on firth earthquake. Many time the aftershock strikes and for me the day was adventurous but looking towars other situation it was really the worst day for Nepal, the dark day for Nepal. All the Nepalese will never gonna forget these days in their entire life. Everyone are in a hope that one day Nepal will be like before and all of we will rise again. The sun will rise again.

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