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Experience of Kandu Sherpa: Helpless

Hello it’s me Kandu Sherpa. I am 14 years old.   I am simply a student. I am her to explain about the earthquake that occurred in Nepal.

Date: 25 April /2015 (baisakh 12) Saturday

The day was Saturday. At early morning I went Buddha in order to worship God at sharp 7 o’clock. I didn’t have my lunch that day. At the monastery all people were joining hand and were worshiping the God. We all were just listening to the pray. The time passed and after some hour when I went to take tea at monastery then all things near me started shaking off and I was also shaking. I didn’t knew what was going on. And all of a sudden a monk shouted that it’s an earth quake. The ground was shaking time and again. I was afraid. I couldn’t even cry. Since I was alone I was just thinking about my family. I even didn’t know whether they are safe or not. All people around me were calling their parents and children but I was the unluckiest one because I had no communication devices to contact with them. The earth quake occurred on 11:56 am and it was not stopping it kept on giving aftershocks for 2, 3 hours. Then after those horrible hours I made myself strong and I went home. I reached home at 5 o’clock and when I saw my home I felt relief. But I couldn’t see my family. And suddenly my mother called me from back and I was like blind. I couldn’t see anything and I ran toward her and gave her a tight hug when I saw my brother and sister I was so happy but ’what about my dad’s ‘. I got scared and as soon as possible I called him but his phone was out of reach and after trying many time he picked his phone and sweetly said ’ hello ’ and I was like ’ thank god ‘. We were all scared and we even were unknown about where we are going to stay. And at 7 o’clock my father brought a tent and we hanged it on the nearby ground. Then at 8 o’clock we had our dinner and we went to sleep. It was like a nightmare. And that day nobody had a good sleep.

26 April/ 2015: Sunday

The second day of a huge earth quake. All people were in shocked that day seeing the dangerous Saturday. We tried to start the day happily but we all were very sad. That day also many aftershocks occurred and at 1 o’clock a little big earthquake occurred. After the aftershocks people again were scared. Till night 40 aftershocks were felt. At 8 we had our dinner. We ate some junk food and went to sleep. From 27 April to May 2 many aftershocks were felt and on those days we had a very hard sleep on tent and after those days we thought of sleeping at home and we started sleeping at home from 3rd May.


Name: Kandu Sherpa
Grade: 9
School: Reliance Academy, Kapan , Kathmandu

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