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I am Alive

The day was Saturday. We all know it is the day of holiday. My mother and father were in Basantapur, the world Heritage site. There was blood donation program at Basantapur where my father was participating. But due to big queue, they were roaming around nearby. I was playing with my brother outside my house. It was very hard to believe that ground was shaking. How could that be? Suddenly the shake was big and terrifying. I had never felt how earthquake would feel or how devastating it could be until I heard people crying and coming out of their houses.

I heard big sounds, birds were flying everywhere and people were out in the streets crying and chanting god’s name. My brother started crying too. Suddenly, I went inside my room and brought back my old granny. At one time, I couldn’t control myself from shaking and got hurt on my arms. I took my brother and granny to a bigger open space. But too surprise, the air there was filled with dust. At that site, there was an old historical building  built by some earlier prime minister. It was protected by Nepal army. But not it was all demolished. My feet started shaking with fear to hear that one small boy cycling was covered by that demolished building. This was the first time seriously saw the tremor and power of earthquake. I started crying thinking of my father and mother. Suddenly I saw them in the crowds but they didn’t see us. They went in my house to search us. As we weren’t there, they returned back and found us.

We had no idea what to do next. Father said that all the people who were donating blood were covered by the collapsed building and he accidently escaped that. It was hard to believe that the world heritage temples were no more in Basantapur area. My father was strong. He saw the building and didn’t see any cracks so he decided to live in the house. Day after day powerful shocks came but we remained hopeful that it will soon be gone. But on 12th may again another big shock came. So we left Kathmandu. Now as the aftershocks are slowly getting smaller, we have returned back to Kathmandu. I have heard that our school building is also cracked badly. From 31st May, our school will be opened. I will not feel good to live away from my parents in cracked school. But the good thing is I am alive. Thankyou God. I hope no more earthquake come to Nepal.

Kshitija Chaulagain Age: 12 Grade 7 Morning Glory High School, Kathmandu

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