Jag gömde mig under sängen

When earthquake come that time I was at home.I was watching Television. When earthquake came light went off.I hid under the bed. And there was a lot of noise. I went out  i look for brother ,but I had seen window of the room was broken.I saw many people at ground. And my father had come from office.And we felt aftershocks coming again and again.At night all family slept at party palace.On Monday I went to my village.On my way to home I was sitting in bus by window,I saw many damaged houses from bus.I reached my village.Our house was cracked. We stayed for 6days at village and we came back to Kathmandu. And 8days after we experienced destructive storm.Many police and army rescued many people and even small baby from under broken house.We still feel aftershocks 4-6times a day.

Pratima Lama

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