Hej från Shreyeshkar Singh

Hello, i am shreyeshkar singh from Gaushaka, kathmandu. Today i am writing about my exeperience about the quake. I would like to begin with the first one.
The day was normal and everyone were taking their lunch when the quake occured. I was troubled as i didnt know what it was. We were taught about what to do during the quake but frankly speaking those taught activities didnt came to my mind. We started running down as we were on the third floor. The whole house was shaking and it was really difficult for us to get out of the house however we managed. After sometime it stopped and everyone were outside of their home. I was terrified really terrified. We could even feel the ground shaking. I heard the neighbours talking that many of the historical buildings collapsed including dharahara. I was really very sad.
That day we stayed outdoors under a tent. We were very terrified togo inside the house. We stayed outdoors for 4 days. We could still feel the after shocks. But slowly life started becoming normal. People started performing their daily activities.
I cannot understand why nature is so cruel. When everthing was becoming normalwe got, another big quake rating 7.4 magnitude. Now this shooked everything. The cracked houses fell down, the empty grounds again got filled with tents. Moreover the life got even worse.
The school that were scheduled to open from may 15 after the first quake were again rescheduled to open from  may 29. But it is still unsure.
After the quake i walked around many places and got some pics of the quake.

shreyeshkar 1 shreyeshkar 2

shreyeshkar 3  shreyeshkar 4


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