Today, it has been more than one month of earthquake of 25th April,2015. Even today the aftershocks are still felt. Before the earthquake, people from different parts of the country lived here because of the availability of facilities. Kathmandu is the centre for everything. Many people used to live here but after the earthquake many people leaved this place because of the fear of aftershocks and the possibility of scarcity of food and water and chances of communicable diseases. The people have returned to their own hometown.

As there are tall buildings and apartments people are afraid to live here. My classmates and friends have also returned to their hometown but I am here in Dhapasi with my family. This area is not much affected but other places like

Gongabu and Buspark area are affected.Houses have been destroyed and walls too.Not only this but also the historical places like Patan Durbar Square,Bhaktapur Durbar Square ,etc are destroyed and temples such as swoyambhu ,changunarayan,etc are affected due to this earthquake.The great Bhimsen Tower i.e.Dharahara from where the whole kathmandu valley can be viewed has been destroyed.

Nowadays, I feel bad to see the situation of my country. Whole country is in pain today because of this earthquake. So let’s pray for our country

Name: Anisha Lamichhane / 15 years old
Grade: 10
School: Greenland Int’l. Boarding school, Kathmandu Nepal

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