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Ishan 1

Ishan Baniya, 17 years old

Läs hela berättelsen Earthquake Essay

… The ground was still shaking. My feet sank deep into the moist sank and I felt as if I were standing in a boat in a middle of a lake. Slowly, the ground stopped moving and at that very instance I went to more open space. It was actually a parking space but it was filled with all my neighbors, all terrified and frightened. Some of my relatives were there with me, but my mom and dad were not there.

This earthquake gave me quite a number of experiences. I will still remember those sleepless nights in the car and tarpaulin tents. I will remember how I ran (I think I would even beat Usain Bolt) even at a smallest, powerless quakes. I will still remember meals that I had together with all my neighbors. However I will still remember my country’s prestigious historical sites that were turned into ruins. I will still remember how beautiful my country was. My nation is crying now but surely one day, we will bounce back stronger and prosperous than before. Stay strong Nepal!

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