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Hello, I am Shailesh Dhakal from Dhapasi, Kathmandu Nepal. I am 17 years old.

April 25, the day whose memory prominently resides within my and whole nations mind. The quake shook our nation so hard that it took our nation about 20 years back.

I was with my family in the living room and I felt the floor moving. Then my brother shouted earthquake!  We all started panicking and tried to run downstairs but could not! We were so frightened by the quake and ran towards empty field just after it slowed. Many people were already there! We could still see the houses shaking which terrorized us even more. As our house is in height we could see the dusts all over the city rising towards the sky. We knew we were safe but we were so worried about our close ones.

That night we decided to stay there. We cooked and ate there! Aftershocks were still strong! Next day also aftershocks weren’t stopping and we didn’t have enough courage to go inside the house! Whole city was living under tent and so were we. We stayed under tent for a week and returned to our home after checking if it was safe. We were passing our time playing football and helping people to build tents in our area.

Many buildings were destroyed, many of our brothers and sisters lost their lives, our ancient buildings, and durbar squares were completely destroyed. Many people lost their lives as well as place to stay and food to eat! Help from different nations and organizations started flooding but still every victim wasn’t benefitted.

I am a grade 12 student, after few days of earthquake the notice of my examination being postponed was published. It was a relief really because due to panic our minds were empty. Our new routine is from 3rd of June but still our minds are not ready because aftershocks are still coming.

Now the life of people has started to become a bit normal but still there is fear in people’s mind. I hope our country sees this as a blessing in disguise for the betterment and use the funds raised properly.


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