Att vara vid liv

Being able to Alive

The earthquake is the most powerful natural disaster among the others. It was the day I never forget n the word future, nobody can estimate it there’s no study about futurology.

It was the very beginning of the Nepali  year ,12th Baishak 2072 ( 25th April 2015) Saturday. We were enjoying with my mother after lunch. It was around 11:56am suddenly with a blink of an eye the movement crushed it, at the unexpected moment we at first confused, suddenly a noise came from outside ”BHUKAMPA. ….  BHUKAMPA. …..  We were scared; the cries of human deep crying sounds of domestic animals and birds were everywhere. I missed my dad (works in foreign) who always prepares us bold in every problem, in his absence we ourselves need to overcome the situation, so I handled my brother and sister by the help of my mom. Slowly and safely we moved to nearby ground, we saw most of the houses were destroyed and people lost their life with in a moment in front of us but we were helpless due to frequent stroke of the earthquake.

But we immediately published a logo HELP NEPAL…. SAVE NEPAL….

Oh ! My god !!   It was an unbelievable destruction that ever happened and became an unforgettable memory in my life.

At the end I heartly express my deep condolence to those who lost their life and soon recovery to the victims.

Date:31st May,  2015

Name:Anita Paudel
Age: 18 years old
Grade: Radiography 2nd year
Collage: Yeti Health Science Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal

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