Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries. In spite of this, the government in Nepal has done a lot to make sure that children receive a basic education.


School is compulsory although the quality in the schools and the availability of an education for children who live in the countryside vary greatly. The child’s ethnicity, gender and social status affect the education received. The Nepalese children who end up outside the school system often have parents who lack permanent employment. Therefore, the children have to help support the family by working in the rice fields. If the family has access to electricity, it is limited to a few hours per day.

Make a Kid Smile’s overall goal in Nepal is to finance scholarships so that children outside the school system can receive a basic education, from 1st through 12th grade. The first school that the Make a Kid Smile foundation cooperated with was ACME Academy. It’s a non-governmental school in the capitol of Nepal, Katmandu, which currently offers classes from pre-school up to 8th grade. A year of schooling costs between 100-150 US dollars per child.