unforgettable day of my life


My name is Sudip Shrestha. It was 25th April 2015AD and un forgetable day of my life. My small sister and I had gone to take the clothes at top of the house.We returned to our room. My big sister was sleeping,small sister was watching television and I was playing ball in different rooms.Suddenly electricity went off after few seconds the cupboard began to shake. I thought it was ghost as I was watching horror serial.After some time I recognized that earthquake came.Me and my sister ran towards my big sister. She hold us tightly and sat on the bed until earthquake stopped.Our father and mother were in shop.We went to the shop and our parents  closed the shop. Everyone was running towards party palace.So, we also went to the same place because it was open and safe.We stayed there for four to five days. We played there. Actually it was fun in there.