Namaste from Smeeta Chaulagain

Today it was 11:56 am when the earthquake came. I was inside my room reading magazines. Suddenly my table where I was reading, started to shake. My mother was in the kitchen. She told me that it was earthquake. She also told that we have to run in safe place. So, we ran to the big ground just in front of my house. When we ran out, we however couldn’t see any house falling in my area because houses were strong. But I saw all the people scaring, crying and wanted to know the condition of their family members. My father was in shop which is located in Ason. As we know that Ason is very dangerous with densely populated old houses and there is no open ground to escape. We tried to call him but because of network problem, the phone was not going. We all were much tensed. But after sometime he arrived. But we all were very scared. He also told the condition of Ason. The house in front of his shop was fallen. He say many temples falling down. In the evening we went for a walk to see the condition of our location.  We saw the road cracking at both sides. One side was on the top and another side was in lower surface. Some houses in the Kaushaltar, Lokanthali were going inside the bottom and some were falling. We ate some fast food and return back to our house. That day we stayed outside under a tent. When I remember that day, I still feel scared. I cannot study properly. In my mind, there is always fear of earthquake.  Hearing this condition of my beautiful country, it feels like crying. I am very upset as well as scared.


Smeeta Chaulagain Class: 8 Siddhartha Vidyapith, Gatthaghar