My Earthquake Experience

The earthquake that recently devastated Nepal has turned nepal into something unusual. The beautiful cultural heritages that once lured everyone are now just into imagination. This devastating changes has not only occured to the physical damages in the country but also has reserved its place in the psychological pattern of the country men.

The schools that once used to be full of laughters are silent now. The playgrounds are turned into somekind of tenting places. The beautiful cultural heritages are now turned into rubbles. Moreover the talk of the town is “did u felt the quake yesterday?” I have seen many people staying outdoors and are greatly affected by the quake. The rain has something more to trouble with. Everywhere a chaotic situation is seen thousands have lost their life and many more are victimized. The situation is still to be more dreadful as monsoon is approaching. Schools are closed and the future of many students is uncertain.


Relief materials are uncountable approaching from every nook and corners of the world but their proper manipulation is being very difficult.
We are having a hard time.
We have the hope that “we will rise not immediately but definately”


Nirmal Singh
Sigma higher secondary school
nirmal 1
nirmal 2


These houses are completely destroyed by earthquake.