Days after deathly massive earthquake

Hello and Namaste
                   My name is Chhyoki  Tamang and i read in class ten.first of all I ‘am so glad that i got a wounderful  opportunity to share my feeling……
                  April 25
                This day was one of the most scared day for me that i had ever faced. We all know that,when natural disaster takes place no one can challange it’s warth.  Like wise april 25’s earthquake brought many difficulties among we Nepalese people. This massive quack made our poor Natin as much more poor.
    That day we all the hostellers were watching TV . Before 1secound  certainly light went and started to  shake . I thought ,by next to my brother had shaked it but one of my friend shouted it was an earthquake. So immediately we hide under table It was really a huge shake. That time i just prayed god for saving us. I had been hopeless that it was the last day for us,but god saved us.I was very thankful to god as we were safe.While it stopped shakeing we ran at ground. After that as well we got lots of strong shocks.All people were in so worried and seem to be so afraid . Many people lost their property as well as their life.These was all because ,people werw not prepared to face a major earthquake due to their negligence of awareness programme conded by govt and private organisation.That day we had  deciated to spend our night at ground only .So we did camp fring at ground whole night.Whole night we all didn’t sleep,because we all were afraid that it might come again .At that day ,in our school ground there were more than 60 people.They all were in anxious.
               April 26
               The day was really boring. This day as well we got lots of shock ,that made us more anxious. There was nothing to do. By getting such kinds of news due to massive quake made us really sorry.
Days of April 27,28,and 29 spent with a same boring schedule.
April 30
from this day shock began to decrease so we started to live in normal life.
May 1
The deathly earthquake of April 25 and subssequent aftershocks have damaged, completely destroyed and caused damaged on the outer walls of many schools as well some school’s teacher have lost their life,due to which our studied had been affected. So nowadays there is no school and government has decited to continue school only from may 15,so till what to do don’t know…..
May 3
Due to not having school , it ia really very difficult to pass the time.I think normal life was better how much i have to do struggle, how much i have to study it was good. but nowadays time is so boring. So to have a time pass from today I have started to teach the neighbour’s  kid as tution that will help me to increase my knowledge and help to time pass.
Thank you.