Back in school

Today,dated 31st May,2015 was our first class after the earthquake of 25th April,2015 was resumed according to the Government Of Nepal.I was very excited because my classes were resumed after a long break and was excited  to meet my friends and teachers and wanted to know about their experience of earthquake.

All the students should reach the school at 9.30 am but today I reached school bit fast to meet my friends and teachers.I was very happy to see them.All of my
classmates were sharing their experience about earthquake and I also shared with them.All the students except mine were taken out for sports programme.Our classes were continued  as we are in class 10 which is considered a iron gate.My teachers came to take class and before starting they told about the safety measures to be taken during earthquake and my class finished at 4 pm.
I am happy because only few aftershocks are felt.I hope it will stop very soon and we can spend everyday without any pain and fear.
Anisha Lamichhane

Impact on Student

I am the student of grade 10. Just the new session was started. After going to school for two days, a great disaster took place in Nepal. Due to earthquake, Nepal is suffering from a great sorrow. The children of Nepal are badly affected.

As it was the starting of new session, children were excited as they were promoted to new class. I was also very excited to study in new class. But after the disaster, children are afraid. They don’t want to go to school as aftershocks are felt time to time. Some of the schools are totally destroyed. In this situation, children cannot make up their mind in study. Even I am very afraid to go to school. Our guardians are also afraid to send us to school. My friends are out of valley and they told me that they and their parents are afraid to come here.

I am trying to make up my mind in study and I think all the parents should support their children for coming out of all the disturbances caused by earthquake

Name: Anisha Lamichhane / 15 years old
Grade: 10
School: Greenland Int’l. Boarding school, Kathmandu Nepal


Today, it has been more than one month of earthquake of 25th April,2015. Even today the aftershocks are still felt. Before the earthquake, people from different parts of the country lived here because of the availability of facilities. Kathmandu is the centre for everything. Many people used to live here but after the earthquake many people leaved this place because of the fear of aftershocks and the possibility of scarcity of food and water and chances of communicable diseases. The people have returned to their own hometown.

As there are tall buildings and apartments people are afraid to live here. My classmates and friends have also returned to their hometown but I am here in Dhapasi with my family. This area is not much affected but other places like

Gongabu and Buspark area are affected.Houses have been destroyed and walls too.Not only this but also the historical places like Patan Durbar Square,Bhaktapur Durbar Square ,etc are destroyed and temples such as swoyambhu ,changunarayan,etc are affected due to this earthquake.The great Bhimsen Tower i.e.Dharahara from where the whole kathmandu valley can be viewed has been destroyed.

Nowadays, I feel bad to see the situation of my country. Whole country is in pain today because of this earthquake. So let’s pray for our country

Name: Anisha Lamichhane / 15 years old
Grade: 10
School: Greenland Int’l. Boarding school, Kathmandu Nepal

Second Earthquake

It was 18th day of earthquake .Small aftershocks were felt and the earthquake experts were saying that we shouldn’t worry because if small aftershocks are felt then there is no chance of big earthquake so we were sitting calmly in our own house. I had just came from my friends house .My brother, sister and my mother were watching TV and I was sleeping. My father and elder sister had gone out.

When the time reached 12:52 pm, our TV rack started shaking. For a moment, we thought it may be a small aftershock but the rack started shaking harder. Then, we all ran at a safe place. we ran without slippers. All of our neighbors gathered there. We were so scared. I had no courage to go up and wear slippers. We came to know that it was an aftershock of the earthquake of 25th April 2015.It was an earthquake of 6.8 rector scale. We all decided to build camp and stay at the ground. After sometime, my father and sister arrived. When we were sitting in the ground small aftershocks were still felt. Till today dated 28th May, 2015 We are spending the night in the tent.


I am still thinking what is happening in our country. More than 8000 people had already died and many of our historical buildings had been destroyed. I am praying for our country with god.

Name: Anisha Lamichhane / 15 years old
Grade: 10
School: Greenland Int’l. Boarding school, Kathmandu Nepal

My experience from the earthquake – Anisha


It was Saturday’s was in my home at 3rd floor. I was enjoying in computer by playing games with my maternal uncle. My parents were in shop at Buspark and one of my sister was with me but my elder sister had gone out for shopping. My brother had also gone out to play. It was 11:56 am suddenly everything in the room started shaking .For the first moment, I was very much shocked and thinking what was happening .I called my sister who was in the next room .Me, maternal uncle and my sister tried to go down but we couldn’t walk a single step also because it was shaking hardly. So, we stayed catching the door. At the same time, I saw that the cupboards and the shoe rack fell down. All the houses were shaking. After a few minutes, I went down at the ground which was in front of my home.

We were safe but were unknown about the other members of my family. We tried to contact them. Due to the network problem we couldn’t contact them. After half an hour my father and mother came we were very happy by seeing them but were worried about our brother and sister. My father went to search my brother .He came after sometimes with my brother. He said that he was playing in the ground with friends and was so much scared. My elder sister sent us a message that she was fine and we were relaxed. We spent the whole day in the ground eating noodles, biscuits and water. We bought blankets and mattress to spend the whole night. Our neighbors decided to do camp firing and it was 7 o’clock my elder sister came running. And our members were together. We heard the news about the destruction of our historical buildings and the death of many people with destruction of many houses.

This was the black day for my whole country NEPAL and me too. This day we experienced more than 40 aftershocks.

Date: 26th May, 2015
Name: Anisha Lamichhane / 15 years old
School: Greenland Int’l. Boarding school, Kathmandu Nepal