My Experience of Earthquake – Abiskar

Abiskar 1

The day was Saturday. The weather was not so suitable. We all know that Saturday is holiday. So, I was playing with my friends away   from my home in the ground. It was around 11.56am. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and I fell down. I could’t understand what was happening there and my friends shouted earthquake has came. I saw the houses were shaking and the top floor fell down. I along with my brother very scared.

I met one uncle and requested to give his phone so that I could call my parents. Because of network problem I couldn’t contact any members of my family. I was very much scared. After sometime I saw my father. I was very happy to seeing him then, my father took me at home. I was very happy by seeing other members of my family. I felt more than 40 shocks of earthquake that day. I spent whole day in the ground eating biscuits and noodles with my whole family. Then my parents and other neighbours decided to spend whole night in the ground. I also heard that many of our historical places were destroyed. This was unforgettable day of my life.

Written in 26th May 26, 2015

Abiskar lamichhane
Grade 7 B
Greenland International  Secondary boarding school.