Meet two wonderful shopowners in Sigtuna

Meet two wonderful shopowners in Sigtuna who asked how they could help us raise money to our schools in Nepal after the earthquake!

Petra Sport Uteliv (2) Arja Knocks (2)

Petra owns “Sport Uteliv” in Sigtuna and Arja owns “Knocks” in Sigtuna

To both Petra and Arja: Make a Kid Smile is so grateful that you are letting us put information about our work in your stores and for the interest you are showing in what we are trying to accomplish.

Here is what Petra and Arja are using to help raise money: Information and Small cards.

Thank You!

Help kids in Nepal get back to school after the earthquake

The classroom walls at ACME Academy fell down during the earthquake in Nepal

The earthquake in Nepal hit hard. The tragedy of lost family members and those still missing needs to be dealt with alongside the loss of property, a non-functioning infrastructure and the challenge of finding necessities for the day. The uncertainty about when society will function normally again affects everybody in Nepal.

Make a Kid Smile and the network Global Buddy Schools are now giving our followers the opportunity to contribute to getting the schools back on track. We believe that being able to go back to school as soon as possible reinstates hope about the future among kids.

Our account number 883-9573 with Iban number SE9850000000052871039275 and Bic number ESSESESS is open for donations from outside Sweden. The address of the bank is SEB, Kistagången 21, 164 40 Kista, Sweden. To ensure the greatest effect out of every donated cent, our administrative expenses are kept at a minimum.

Every donation counts! A warm heartfelt thank you in advance for helping these schools back to normal again.

ACME schoolyard shelter for many
Both students and neighbourghs seek shelter on the schoolyard

The Importance of Scholarships

From: Sita Pokhrel
Subject: Importance of scholarship for Acme Academy
Date: June 14, 2013 11:08:57
To: Lena Ramfelt

To, Lena Ramfelt, Chairman , Make a Kid Smile Foundation Sigtuna , Sweden

Dear Madam,
We are grateful to you and your foundation for providing scholarships to the needy children of Acme Academy , Nepal.

Most parents in Nepal have understood the importance of education. They are migrating from village to towns in search of better livelihood. Yet many of them are uneducated and find less paying jobs thus are unable to provide good education to their children. Government school’s education is in pathetic condition. Every parent’s dream is to send their children to private school.

The Make a Kid Smile foundation is fulfilling the dream of those parents who were unable to send their kids to a private school.

We, the school and families hope that the scholarships will be continued and the needy students will get quality education at our school.

Thanking you and with best regards,

Sita Pokhrel
Acme Academy High School
Kathmandu , Nepal