School Bag

Do you remember your first school bag? Didn’t we all grow just a little bit taller when we carried it to school for the very first time?DSC_0727

In that moment we could feel that the content of the bag was important and that going to school mattered. Your self-esteem grew. The sad part is that there are so many children out there in the world who do not have a school bag and do not get to go to school. You are able to help change this. Donate a school bag through us, and we will fill it with educational material and scholarships.

Donate a school bag!


Pick the school bag of your choice!

The little school bag (500 SEK)

• A contribution to scholarships for school

• A start packet for mail exchange

• Markers

• Shipping

The medium school bag (1500 SEK)

• A scholarship for school

• A set of Brio building blocks

• A start packet for mail exchange

• Markers

• Shipping

The big school bag (5000 kronor)

• Two scholarships for school

• Two sets of Brio building blocks

• Two sets of Duplo Lego bricks

• A start packet for mail exchange

• Markers

• A financial contribution for improving the school

• Shipping

How does it work?

You can transfer your gift into our account, 883-9573, following the procedure on the webpage “Help out” and mark the transfer with “School bag”. We will then send the bag to a school with children in need of help.

You can also choose to make it more personal by including a letter or a drawing in the bag! We know that the teachers and students will greatly appreciate a personal token from you.

Simply contact us with a note containing your contact information and your personal greeting to the school. At the same time, transfer the payment for the bag into our account, according to the information in the text above. When the bag has arrived at the school, you will receive a notification from us.

If you’re a company and would like to donate the big school bag, we encourage you to include the school bag logo on your company website as proof of your commitment. Contact us and we will send you a jpg-file.