The first message that came

From Senjan Zeus Yonzen, 18 years old, in Kathmandu:

“during the earthquake i was really scared. one thing was only in my mind that was i will die or not, how r my relatives, frns n all. i could not understand anyhing everybody were running here n there. there was no smile on peoples face. time to time it was coming so all people were staying outside in tents n all. many people died n were injured badly. thank to god but felt so sory for them how died or injured it was really annoying for me. n the thing is help our country donate to our country this was a big crush for nepal n nepalis”

10 thoughts on “The first message that came

  1. Dear Senjan,
    I follow the news every day and to see the picture from Nepal makes me very sad. I think about all historical buildings I´ve seen but more than that the people I´ve met. To read about your feelings and experiences makes everything very real. I let my students read the stories and I want to let you know that I am thinking and talking about Nepal and the people there. I wish for you enough strength and energy to manage this difficult situation. I hope soon you can feel safe again, rebuild and follow your more normal life. Give you some hugs from Sweden and hope to coming back to Nepal. It is a beautiful country with wonderful people. Take care! Christina

  2. Hi ! I have been thinking of you since I heard the news of one more earthquake. I pray for you and want you to know that our newspapers in Europe write about your situation and people all around Europe collect money to diffrent organisations that will help you. Please remember that people all around the world think and pray for you. // Ulrika from Sweden

  3. Dear Senjan,
    Just wanted you to know that our thoughts are with you and your people. We are following the news closely. Be strong and have faith. Lots of love.

  4. Keep fighting ! Just wanted you to know that in hundreds of countries people know about you and they pray for you … You have to be very strong and i hope you will be

  5. Thank you for staring your experience. It gives us who were not there the ability to understand and sympathise with your situation. Keep your hopes up!

  6. Dear Senjan!

    You write “there was no smile on peoples face”. That hits my heart. After visiting Nepal and Kathmandu in the beginning of April I know how friendly and always close to a smile you Nepali are. Please keep struggling, and help each other. We will do what we can even though it is far away.

    Lots of love,

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