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HY, I am Nikita Maharjan from Sunakothi ,Lalitpur. I have tried my best to write down all my feelings, experiences and my thoughts as well as some of the thoughts of others peoples in this report. I have put some of pictures that I had captured by myself through my cellphone.

My recent life:
Now, recently me and my family, we are spending our nights in tents. My family is still scared of Earthquake. I am working as a Volunteer in my locality Sunakothi, Lalitpur and assisting them through helping in many ways .


Please read the whole story and look at the pictures before and after in this pdf-file: nikitaquake

Nikita Maharjan

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  1. Hi ! I have been thinking of you since I heard the news of one more earthquake. I pray for you and want you to know that our newspapers in Europe write about your situation and people all around Europe collect money to diffrent organisations that will help you. Please remember that people all around the world think and pray for you. // Ulrika from Sweden

  2. Hy,Ulrika Persson…yes,,U r right
    Do,sooni will b writing abour the help we need ,how it will gonna help and ,,so i would lije Europe and other organizations to put their contribution to this Earthquake relief program,,and soon i will post that too…

    Nikita from Kathmandu,nepal

  3. Hello!
    Thanks for sharing your story!
    Here in Sweden it´s hard to understand what you´ve gone through but thanks to your story I understand a little bit more.
    Me and my family think about you everyday and hope that things will get better for you!
    //Anton Nyman
    Sigtuna, Sweden

  4. Hi Nikita,
    I’m so sorry for everything you all have to go through but we are all rooting and thinking of you.
    Best wishes from Johanna in London

  5. Thank you for sharing the very difficult and dangerous experiences you’ve lived through. Please know that there are many who are working to help you. Cling to hope! My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  6. Hiii!!!

    I hope you are doing better than yesterday! We are all worried about you guys everywhere! We never had major Earthquakes in Dubai so I can’t relate much but I was in a conference about a week ago and we were setting up a campaign to help you guys. I know you guys are strong and can get through these hard times! You can do it!

  7. Thank you Nikita for sharing your story! I think you are so courageous and kind to work as a volunteer. I hope life will get back to some kind of normal soon enough, despite all your losses. Our thoughts are with you!

  8. Hi Nikita!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m so sorry for everything you’ ve gone through.
    Keep fighting and stay strong!

    Best wishes from Maya Andersson

  9. Dear Nikita!
    To share and take part of what you going trough this time is hard to understand. Moore after being in Nepal just before the Quake. But it feels good to be a part of it through your stories and pictures. I read them all and hope that our comments are helping a bit. I have big respect for you and the people in Nepal after everything I read about the work you and others are doing to help and rebuild the country. You are brave and strong. Keep your mood up. It will be better.
    All the best from Sigtuna, Sweden

  10. Dear Nikita,

    Thanks for your report. You are a good teller. I also would like to thank your for your important work as a volunteer. It is frustrating to be here in Sweden not having the possibility to help you on site. Please continue to write and take pictures. We will follow your way back to ordinary life.

    Keep strong!


  11. We think about you everyday and hope the struggle becomes easier for each and every new day!

    /Alice from Sweden

  12. Dear Nikita,
    First of all thank you so much for sharing your feelings and story about the what happens in Nepal. You and the persons you descibe has really been through unbelievably horrible experiences. Your words give a different view than what we see on TV and that is important. You seem like a very brave person and are doing a great work with all the things you do to help others with tent and give blood etc. Dont forget to take care of your self also.

    Continue to be brave and I really hope you will feel better soon.
    Warm regards from Susanne in Sigtuna, Sweden

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