SSHL visiting Kunchok


Some days ago we came to Kunchock. The way was very difficult but when we finally arrived, the whole village was waiting. For the first time the children could see their 3 new classrooms from inside. We got a very welcoming feeling, proud to be a part of this. First building finished even earthquake safe. We also had with us : school material, swedish children books in English, footballs and sweets – ver y popular not just for the children. Thank you all for contribute. Next the carpeted will be delivered and the Lego we got from Danmark.
This is the absolutely right place to support. The village is completely destroyed. Kunchock is in an area were the Earthquake hit most.
From Kathmandu
Christina with 5 students from SSHL

Opening ceremonies of the first building


March 28, 2016,  an opening ceremony for the first three classrooms in Kunchok was held. The classrooms are made of prefabricated walls which are safer during an earthquake. That is the only way you are allowed to build houses in Nepal right now. Make a Kid Smile was present together with students from SSHL in Sweden.

Our next goal is to build another 4 classrooms so that all children up to grade 5 have a one.




The walls are coming

Lego is going to Kunchok


We just got the news Lego gives 9kg Lego bricks for MaKs. We take it to the school in Kunchock we visiting in 2 weeks. The school in Kunchock is going to rebuild after the Earthquake and the kids there really need things to play and learn with. Will post pictures from that trip here. Thanks Lego supporting us once again.

The Wenngarn Christmas sale

Gåvokort wenngarn
A post from Make a Kid Smile’s facebook from February:

Do you remember the Christmas market at Wenngarn castle where Make a Kid smile was present. The result of that event was over 13000SEK (about 1400 Euro) going to rebuild the school in Kunchock. The visitors bought gift cards and scarfs from Nepal and Wenngarn gave the same sum as their contribution. Thanks a lot for that!

The foundation is complete!

platta done

The first part of the school building is completed, the foundation!

Our contact person, Sita Pokhrel, writes to us and describes what the first installment of USD 3,000 has been used for:

“Good news! We have finished the construction of ground level at Seti Devi Primary School at Kunchok. Here are the photos. The platform is 37 ft. long and 14 ft. wide. Three classrooms will be made. Each room will have one window and one door. I now need second installment for wall building at school.”

The principal at Seti Devi Primary School

rektorer kunchok

The man on the left is Mr. Bishnu Bahadur Baniya, Principal of the school and the man in the middle is Mr. Udhav Bahadur Baniya, Chairman of the Management Committee together with Sita Pokhrel, Make a Kid Smile’s contact person.

They have received the first installment of USD 3,000 for the new school building which will be used for the foundation. The goal for Make a Kid Smile together with Rotary is to raise a total of USD 20,000 which will be given to the school in installments as the process progresses.

The children in Kunchok are being interviewed

Sita intervju

“Office room where the students were interviewed. Some parents were also present .

Our contact person, Sita Pokhrel, in Kunchok in November where she interviewed some of the children that went to the destroyed school.

“Students talk about the earthquake. Nobody have their house. All destroyed by the earthquake. They want the school to be built at the earliest.”

See a video from the occation: