This Is How We Help

In Sweden we often take the education of our children for granted, but far from all children in the world have the same opportunity. Make a Kid Smile would like to help change that.


Make a Kid Smile finances scholarships that make it possible for children all over the world to receive a basic education. The living conditions of these children are so poor, that they otherwise would have been forced to work to help support their families instead of going to school. Through education they can create a better future for themselves. Education provides opportunities for better jobs and thereby better living conditions. Education can lead to improved situations for entire families. This is a journey that starts with making a single child smile and hopefully ends with an entire generation of smiling children.

Contributions Are Put to the Best Use
This is how it works: If a school in Nepal, for example, would like to educate children, who are outside the school system, then the school contacts Make a Kid Smile and presents the children they would like to provide schooling for. It is necessary for the school to prove that they take their commitment seriously, so therefore Make a Kid Smile provides 3 scholarships as a start. The foundation will then continuously monitor the school, how well the cooperation between the school and Make a Kid Smile works as well as the fact that the child who have received the scholarship really do attend school. This way we can make sure that the money you and others have donated really is put to the best use.

Keeping Costs at a Minimum
Make a Kid Smile keeps the costs as low as possible by taken these measures:

  • Everyone involved with Make a Kid Smile works without any compensation
  • Information about the organization will be supplied continuously here on the website and in the annual report, in other words, no paper mailing to our contributors.
  • We do not work with personally sponsored children, which mean that you will not receive an annual update about a specific child.