Our History

The history of  Make a Kid Smile has its start in 2007, on Lena Ramfelts first trip to Nepal. This trip included a visit to ACME Academy, a local school in Katmandu. She received a grand welcome by the students in the school and was touched by their way of life.


Back in Sweden Lena later found out that two of the children she had met were not going to be able to continue their schooling because the family no longer had the economic resources to pay the tuition, due to the fact that their mother had become ill. For Lena it wasn’t a hard decision to make when she decided to finance the tuition of these two children herself.

In May 2008, Lena took an even bigger initiative and engaged the whole community where she lives in Sigtuna, outside of Stockholm. The residents in Sigtuna, along with BRIO and DHL, collectively donated money, BRIO building blocks and teaching material that was sent to ACME Academy. The school children in Katmandu and Sigtuna drew pictures of their everyday life and sent them to one another. The teachers at ACME Academy thought the building blocks where the most educational toy they had ever seen and the children loved to play with them. Schools and pre-schools in Sigtuna have also sent other educational material to ACME Academy.

All of this intrigued Lena and she felt she wanted to do even more. As a result, she founded Make a Kid Smile in 2009, convinced of the fact that a child who is learning also is a child who is smiling.

Now you can be a part of this by making a contribution to a child’s future!