Our eminent board is volunteering their time to help the Make a Kid Smile foundation in its efforts to provide the best education possible for children in the poorest countries in the world.


The Make a Kid Smile Board as of May 2015

Lena Ramfelt, president and founder of the Make a Kid Smile foundation; PhD, entrepreneur, investor and advisor to high/tech start-ups. Lena teaches at Stanford University, USA

Christina Peters, teacher in German and history at SSHL, coordinator for Life Link friendship schools, organize small actions with students. Christina cares about herself/others/nature. Cooperation with ACME academy and Make a Kid Smile since 2009.

Pia Sandhagen, MSc from KTH. Background in developing medicine for children. Spent the last 20+ years as an involved and supportive function to startups, first in Silicon Valley, USA, and later in Kista, Sweden. Spent 10 years having an active role in the local school and daycare activities for children in Kista, a multicultural society.

Without the help from our volunteering specialists, it would be hard to fulfill the goals of the Make a Kid Smile foundation.

Karin Bäckström, auditor

Ylva Andérén, graphic designer