About Make a Kid Smile

Our motto is that a child who is learning, is also a child that is smiling. Education gives satisfaction and self-esteem. We want to see more smiling children and therefore we work for improved education for children in poor countries.


Nothing is more important for the future of our world, than making sure that our children receive the best education imaginable from an early age when they are the most impressionable. It is frustrating to know that there are children today who don’t receive high quality education due to a lack of economic resources. Instead these children often live under miserable conditions without fresh water or electricity, and in many cases working to support their families. The overall objective for the Make a Kid Smile foundation is to finance scholarships so that children all over the world can receive a basic education.

This is how it works: if a school in Nepal, for example, would like to educate children who are outside the school system, then the school contacts Make a Kid Smile and presents the children they would like to provide schooling for. It is necessary for the school to prove that they take their commitment seriously, so therefore Make a Kid Smile provide 3 scholarships as a start. The foundation will then continuously monitor the school, how well the cooperation between the school and Make a Kid Smile works as well as the fact that the child who has received the scholarship really does attend school.

Additionally, the foundation would like the children at the school (not only the ones receiving a scholarship) to interact with children in other parts of the world. To be eligible for the scholarships funded by Make a Kid Smile the school is required to have an educational exchange between one or more schools in other countries. For this purpose, Make a Kid Smile has created “Global Buddy Schools” which is an international network of schools (for more information click on the link to the left). This requirement is in line with the foundations vision, that if a child has an understanding for and knowledge of other cultures, they won’t start wars with one another – and therefore building a foundation for a peaceful future. The first school we started cooperating with is ACME Academy in Katmandu, Nepal. The goal of the foundation is to expand our financing of scholarships to more schools in Nepal and other countries in the world.

It is extremely important for us to keep the costs down to a minimum; as much of the contributions as possible should go to the children. Lena has created a board where all members are willing to give of their own time to Make a Kid Smile without receiving any compensation. Other measures taken to keep the costs minimal are:

  • Information about the organization will be supplied continuously here on the website and in the annual report, in other words, no paper mailing to our contributors.
  • We do not work with personally sponsored children, which means that you will not receive an annual update regarding a specific child.