The walls are coming

Lego is going to Kunchok


We just got the news Lego gives 9kg Lego bricks for MaKs. We take it to the school in Kunchock we visiting in 2 weeks. The school in Kunchock is going to rebuild after the Earthquake and the kids there really need things to play and learn with. Will post pictures from that trip here. Thanks Lego supporting us once again.

The Wenngarn Christmas sale

Gåvokort wenngarn
A post from Make a Kid Smile’s facebook from February:

Do you remember the Christmas market at Wenngarn castle where Make a Kid smile was present. The result of that event was over 13000SEK (about 1400 Euro) going to rebuild the school in Kunchock. The visitors bought gift cards and scarfs from Nepal and Wenngarn gave the same sum as their contribution. Thanks a lot for that!