Experience of Kandu Sherpa: Helpless

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Hello it’s me Kandu Sherpa. I am 14 years old.   I am simply a student. I am her to explain about the earthquake that occurred in Nepal.

Date: 25 April /2015 (baisakh 12) Saturday

The day was Saturday. At early morning I went Buddha in order to worship God at sharp 7 o’clock. I didn’t have my lunch that day. At the monastery all people were joining hand and were worshiping the God. We all were just listening to the pray. The time passed and after some hour when I went to take tea at monastery then all things near me started shaking off and I was also shaking. I didn’t knew what was going on. And all of a sudden a monk shouted that it’s an earth quake. The ground was shaking time and again. I was afraid. I couldn’t even cry. Since I was alone I was just thinking about my family. I even didn’t know whether they are safe or not. All people around me were calling their parents and children but I was the unluckiest one because I had no communication devices to contact with them. The earth quake occurred on 11:56 am and it was not stopping it kept on giving aftershocks for 2, 3 hours. Then after those horrible hours I made myself strong and I went home. I reached home at 5 o’clock and when I saw my home I felt relief. But I couldn’t see my family. And suddenly my mother called me from back and I was like blind. I couldn’t see anything and I ran toward her and gave her a tight hug when I saw my brother and sister I was so happy but ‘what about my dad’s ‘. I got scared and as soon as possible I called him but his phone was out of reach and after trying many time he picked his phone and sweetly said ‘ hello ‘ and I was like ‘ thank god ‘. We were all scared and we even were unknown about where we are going to stay. And at 7 o’clock my father brought a tent and we hanged it on the nearby ground. Then at 8 o’clock we had our dinner and we went to sleep. It was like a nightmare. And that day nobody had a good sleep.

26 April/ 2015: Sunday

The second day of a huge earth quake. All people were in shocked that day seeing the dangerous Saturday. We tried to start the day happily but we all were very sad. That day also many aftershocks occurred and at 1 o’clock a little big earthquake occurred. After the aftershocks people again were scared. Till night 40 aftershocks were felt. At 8 we had our dinner. We ate some junk food and went to sleep. From 27 April to May 2 many aftershocks were felt and on those days we had a very hard sleep on tent and after those days we thought of sleeping at home and we started sleeping at home from 3rd May.


Name: Kandu Sherpa
Grade: 9
School: Reliance Academy, Kapan , Kathmandu

Being able to Alive

The earthquake is the most powerful natural disaster among the others. It was the day I never forget n the word future, nobody can estimate it there’s no study about futurology.

It was the very beginning of the Nepali  year ,12th Baishak 2072 ( 25th April 2015) Saturday. We were enjoying with my mother after lunch. It was around 11:56am suddenly with a blink of an eye the movement crushed it, at the unexpected moment we at first confused, suddenly a noise came from outside “BHUKAMPA. ….  BHUKAMPA. …..  We were scared; the cries of human deep crying sounds of domestic animals and birds were everywhere. I missed my dad (works in foreign) who always prepares us bold in every problem, in his absence we ourselves need to overcome the situation, so I handled my brother and sister by the help of my mom. Slowly and safely we moved to nearby ground, we saw most of the houses were destroyed and people lost their life with in a moment in front of us but we were helpless due to frequent stroke of the earthquake.

But we immediately published a logo HELP NEPAL…. SAVE NEPAL….

Oh ! My god !!   It was an unbelievable destruction that ever happened and became an unforgettable memory in my life.

At the end I heartly express my deep condolence to those who lost their life and soon recovery to the victims.

Date:31st May,  2015

Name:Anita Paudel
Age: 18 years old
Grade: Radiography 2nd year
Collage: Yeti Health Science Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal


Today, it has been more than one month of earthquake of 25th April,2015. Even today the aftershocks are still felt. Before the earthquake, people from different parts of the country lived here because of the availability of facilities. Kathmandu is the centre for everything. Many people used to live here but after the earthquake many people leaved this place because of the fear of aftershocks and the possibility of scarcity of food and water and chances of communicable diseases. The people have returned to their own hometown.

As there are tall buildings and apartments people are afraid to live here. My classmates and friends have also returned to their hometown but I am here in Dhapasi with my family. This area is not much affected but other places like

Gongabu and Buspark area are affected.Houses have been destroyed and walls too.Not only this but also the historical places like Patan Durbar Square,Bhaktapur Durbar Square ,etc are destroyed and temples such as swoyambhu ,changunarayan,etc are affected due to this earthquake.The great Bhimsen Tower i.e.Dharahara from where the whole kathmandu valley can be viewed has been destroyed.

Nowadays, I feel bad to see the situation of my country. Whole country is in pain today because of this earthquake. So let’s pray for our country

Name: Anisha Lamichhane / 15 years old
Grade: 10
School: Greenland Int’l. Boarding school, Kathmandu Nepal

I hid under the bed

When earthquake come that time I was at home.I was watching Television. When earthquake came light went off.I hid under the bed. And there was a lot of noise. I went out  i look for brother ,but I had seen window of the room was broken.I saw many people at ground. And my father had come from office.And we felt aftershocks coming again and again.At night all family slept at party palace.On Monday I went to my village.On my way to home I was sitting in bus by window,I saw many damaged houses from bus.I reached my village.Our house was cracked. We stayed for 6days at village and we came back to Kathmandu. And 8days after we experienced destructive storm.Many police and army rescued many people and even small baby from under broken house.We still feel aftershocks 4-6times a day.

Pratima Lama

We will rise again

The first Earthquake came on the day of Saturday. I was inside home with my mother, brother and maternal uncle. But my Father was in Bhaktapur city. He is mechanic specialized in repairing elevators. Well, about us, we were watching Television at that time. At first, electricity was gone. We do have lot of electricity cut off so it is normal in Nepal. But before we could guess if it was the cut off time, everything started moving: the cupboard, television, walls and even ourselves.

We lived in the ground floor. While we were inside, we heard people screaming. All at once, my mother and maternal uncle took us out of the house. We were so frighten that we didn’t cared of slippers or shoes to put on. The ground was moving like a wave, poles and houses were shaking. Some flower pots from the houses were falling into ground. And old granny beside me got fainted. One of my neighbors who lived on 4th floor was hurt badly while running madly down the stairs. Everything was like a terrifying dream. It was hard to believe what was going on. Why the ground was shaking fiercely shaking. We had no choice, my mother pulled me and my brother to take into open space. Our place was densely populated, we could hardly find any big open place. We and our neighbors kept running with hope of living. And then we found one. It was already packed with people in fears and tears.

After saving ourselves, we thought of my father. We tried a lot on phone, but the network was congested. We stayed in the open space. I was trying to hear what elder people were saying. Some were getting news updates from facebook. People were calling their families and friends to ensure safety. My father came worried. He was in tears. He said at that time, he was repairing an elevator in the shopping Mall. Just then the elevator got fall and he could escape it. Luckily he was in the ground floor to run away quickly. Just in front of his mall, a big gate beside the main road got fall and trapped 3 people inside it. In the evening, we took some of our clothes and came to the open space. We had no tents. We slept under cold open sky that night. Ground was shaking in each interval of 2-3 hours and it used to be too big. I feared if the ground tears apart and we go inside the ground. But thankfully, that never happened.

Then after some days, we went to our ancestral home in pokhara. Most of the earthquake epicenter was around Kathmandu. So, pokhara was a bit safe place. Every time I watched televisions. I used to watch English and Indian news channel also to see how they seriously they were broadcasting about Nepal Quake. Nepal is beautiful country full of cultural heritages. We have Mt. Everest (tallest mountain in the world) along with 8 highest mountains in the world. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. We are second rich in water resources. We are a small kingdom but our heart is very big. How can I see such loss in this beautiful Himalayan Kingdom? We thank all the world for your concern. We will definitely rise again.

Susan K.C
Class: 10
Age: 15 years
School: Morning Glory High School

I am Alive

The day was Saturday. We all know it is the day of holiday. My mother and father were in Basantapur, the world Heritage site. There was blood donation program at Basantapur where my father was participating. But due to big queue, they were roaming around nearby. I was playing with my brother outside my house. It was very hard to believe that ground was shaking. How could that be? Suddenly the shake was big and terrifying. I had never felt how earthquake would feel or how devastating it could be until I heard people crying and coming out of their houses.I heard big sounds, birds were flying everywhere and people were out in the streets crying and chanting god’s name. My brother started crying too. Suddenly, I went inside my room and brought back my old granny. At one time, I couldn’t control myself from shaking and got hurt on my arms. I took my brother and granny to a bigger open space. But too surprise, the air there was filled with dust. At that site, there was an old historical building  built by some earlier prime minister. It was protected by Nepal army. But not it was all demolished. My feet started shaking with fear to hear that one small boy cycling was covered by that demolished building. This was the first time seriously saw the tremor and power of earthquake. I started crying thinking of my father and mother. Suddenly I saw them in the crowds but they didn’t see us. They went in my house to search us. As we weren’t there, they returned back and found us.

We had no idea what to do next. Father said that all the people who were donating blood were covered by the collapsed building and he accidently escaped that. It was hard to believe that the world heritage temples were no more in Basantapur area. My father was strong. He saw the building and didn’t see any cracks so he decided to live in the house. Day after day powerful shocks came but we remained hopeful that it will soon be gone. But on 12th may again another big shock came. So we left Kathmandu. Now as the aftershocks are slowly getting smaller, we have returned back to Kathmandu. I have heard that our school building is also cracked badly. From 31st May, our school will be opened. I will not feel good to live away from my parents in cracked school. But the good thing is I am alive. Thankyou God. I hope no more earthquake come to Nepal.

Kshitija Chaulagain Age: 12 Grade 7 Morning Glory High School, Kathmandu