Second Earthquake

It was 18th day of earthquake .Small aftershocks were felt and the earthquake experts were saying that we shouldn’t worry because if small aftershocks are felt then there is no chance of big earthquake so we were sitting calmly in our own house. I had just came from my friends house .My brother, sister and my mother were watching TV and I was sleeping. My father and elder sister had gone out.

When the time reached 12:52 pm, our TV rack started shaking. For a moment, we thought it may be a small aftershock but the rack started shaking harder. Then, we all ran at a safe place. we ran without slippers. All of our neighbors gathered there. We were so scared. I had no courage to go up and wear slippers. We came to know that it was an aftershock of the earthquake of 25th April 2015.It was an earthquake of 6.8 rector scale. We all decided to build camp and stay at the ground. After sometime, my father and sister arrived. When we were sitting in the ground small aftershocks were still felt. Till today dated 28th May, 2015 We are spending the night in the tent.


I am still thinking what is happening in our country. More than 8000 people had already died and many of our historical buildings had been destroyed. I am praying for our country with god.

Name: Anisha Lamichhane / 15 years old
Grade: 10
School: Greenland Int’l. Boarding school, Kathmandu Nepal

Horrible Day

shailesh 2 shailesh 1

Hello, I am Shailesh Dhakal from Dhapasi, Kathmandu Nepal. I am 17 years old.

April 25, the day whose memory prominently resides within my and whole nations mind. The quake shook our nation so hard that it took our nation about 20 years back.

I was with my family in the living room and I felt the floor moving. Then my brother shouted earthquake!  We all started panicking and tried to run downstairs but could not! We were so frightened by the quake and ran towards empty field just after it slowed. Many people were already there! We could still see the houses shaking which terrorized us even more. As our house is in height we could see the dusts all over the city rising towards the sky. We knew we were safe but we were so worried about our close ones.

That night we decided to stay there. We cooked and ate there! Aftershocks were still strong! Next day also aftershocks weren’t stopping and we didn’t have enough courage to go inside the house! Whole city was living under tent and so were we. We stayed under tent for a week and returned to our home after checking if it was safe. We were passing our time playing football and helping people to build tents in our area.

Many buildings were destroyed, many of our brothers and sisters lost their lives, our ancient buildings, and durbar squares were completely destroyed. Many people lost their lives as well as place to stay and food to eat! Help from different nations and organizations started flooding but still every victim wasn’t benefitted.

I am a grade 12 student, after few days of earthquake the notice of my examination being postponed was published. It was a relief really because due to panic our minds were empty. Our new routine is from 3rd of June but still our minds are not ready because aftershocks are still coming.

Now the life of people has started to become a bit normal but still there is fear in people’s mind. I hope our country sees this as a blessing in disguise for the betterment and use the funds raised properly.

My experience from the earthquake – Anisha


It was Saturday’s was in my home at 3rd floor. I was enjoying in computer by playing games with my maternal uncle. My parents were in shop at Buspark and one of my sister was with me but my elder sister had gone out for shopping. My brother had also gone out to play. It was 11:56 am suddenly everything in the room started shaking .For the first moment, I was very much shocked and thinking what was happening .I called my sister who was in the next room .Me, maternal uncle and my sister tried to go down but we couldn’t walk a single step also because it was shaking hardly. So, we stayed catching the door. At the same time, I saw that the cupboards and the shoe rack fell down. All the houses were shaking. After a few minutes, I went down at the ground which was in front of my home.

We were safe but were unknown about the other members of my family. We tried to contact them. Due to the network problem we couldn’t contact them. After half an hour my father and mother came we were very happy by seeing them but were worried about our brother and sister. My father went to search my brother .He came after sometimes with my brother. He said that he was playing in the ground with friends and was so much scared. My elder sister sent us a message that she was fine and we were relaxed. We spent the whole day in the ground eating noodles, biscuits and water. We bought blankets and mattress to spend the whole night. Our neighbors decided to do camp firing and it was 7 o’clock my elder sister came running. And our members were together. We heard the news about the destruction of our historical buildings and the death of many people with destruction of many houses.

This was the black day for my whole country NEPAL and me too. This day we experienced more than 40 aftershocks.

Date: 26th May, 2015
Name: Anisha Lamichhane / 15 years old
School: Greenland Int’l. Boarding school, Kathmandu Nepal

My Experience of Earthquake – Abiskar

Abiskar 1

The day was Saturday. The weather was not so suitable. We all know that Saturday is holiday. So, I was playing with my friends away   from my home in the ground. It was around 11.56am. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and I fell down. I could’t understand what was happening there and my friends shouted earthquake has came. I saw the houses were shaking and the top floor fell down. I along with my brother very scared.

I met one uncle and requested to give his phone so that I could call my parents. Because of network problem I couldn’t contact any members of my family. I was very much scared. After sometime I saw my father. I was very happy to seeing him then, my father took me at home. I was very happy by seeing other members of my family. I felt more than 40 shocks of earthquake that day. I spent whole day in the ground eating biscuits and noodles with my whole family. Then my parents and other neighbours decided to spend whole night in the ground. I also heard that many of our historical places were destroyed. This was unforgettable day of my life.

Written in 26th May 26, 2015

Abiskar lamichhane
Grade 7 B
Greenland International  Secondary boarding school.

Experience with Earthquake

Ishan 1

Ishan Baniya, 17 years old

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… The ground was still shaking. My feet sank deep into the moist sank and I felt as if I were standing in a boat in a middle of a lake. Slowly, the ground stopped moving and at that very instance I went to more open space. It was actually a parking space but it was filled with all my neighbors, all terrified and frightened. Some of my relatives were there with me, but my mom and dad were not there.

This earthquake gave me quite a number of experiences. I will still remember those sleepless nights in the car and tarpaulin tents. I will remember how I ran (I think I would even beat Usain Bolt) even at a smallest, powerless quakes. I will still remember meals that I had together with all my neighbors. However I will still remember my country’s prestigious historical sites that were turned into ruins. I will still remember how beautiful my country was. My nation is crying now but surely one day, we will bounce back stronger and prosperous than before. Stay strong Nepal!

Hello, I am Bunu Koju

Hello, I am Bunu Koju from Everest H.S.B School…grade 5
I and my friends we stay in a children’s home. It was Saturday and a cloudy morning. After our lunch we took shower. Some of my friends were watching tv and some were playing..suddenly I felt a shake. I didn’t know it was an earthquake. I could hear people shouting and running. After a while I ran down where all my friends were standing together with fear. I was also very much scared. Since that day we are staying at Everest School. We are 16 altogether. It has been about one month but we are still feeling some aftershocks. It was the most scary moment of my life.

Hello I am Karan Gurung

Hello I am Karan Gurung of grade 10

My school Name is Everest Higher Secondary Boarding School. It located in Galkopakha Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal. P.O. Box 20407
Before writing anything, I want to express my heartfelt condolence to those who have lost their life due to the huge Earthquake on 25th April 2015,
On the very day I was studying in my study room . It was about to be 12:00 pm..suddenly the earth started to shake. I thought it would stop but rather it started shaking more. I went under the study table. The quake continued for about 50 seconds. I was very scared and many thoughts were running in my head. As soon as the quake stopped I ran down to the open ground. I heard people crying and running out from their houses. I also heard that many of our cultural heritages were collapsed. Many villages turned into rubble..many houses around my area were also collapsed.many people lost their lives. It was a very scary as well as a sad moment.. We are still feeling some aftershocks.. 🙁

My Earthquake Experience

The earthquake that recently devastated Nepal has turned nepal into something unusual. The beautiful cultural heritages that once lured everyone are now just into imagination. This devastating changes has not only occured to the physical damages in the country but also has reserved its place in the psychological pattern of the country men.

The schools that once used to be full of laughters are silent now. The playgrounds are turned into somekind of tenting places. The beautiful cultural heritages are now turned into rubbles. Moreover the talk of the town is “did u felt the quake yesterday?” I have seen many people staying outdoors and are greatly affected by the quake. The rain has something more to trouble with. Everywhere a chaotic situation is seen thousands have lost their life and many more are victimized. The situation is still to be more dreadful as monsoon is approaching. Schools are closed and the future of many students is uncertain.


Relief materials are uncountable approaching from every nook and corners of the world but their proper manipulation is being very difficult.
We are having a hard time.
We have the hope that “we will rise not immediately but definately”


Nirmal Singh
Sigma higher secondary school
nirmal 1
nirmal 2


These houses are completely destroyed by earthquake.

My days after Earthquake‏

once again (Read Aniruddha’s first post here)
Namaste from Nepal

Hello everyone. My name is Aniruddha Pokhrel.Today i am going to write once again about the days ,how we are passing after the earthquake.

Nowadays our life is very boring and we do not have anything to do.But till today also we are getting the aftershocks.So we are not only bored,we are scared too.So many of the children are not reading or not studing.They are just playing and running here and there.

So i thought that it was not good for the children and also not good for their studies.So yesterday i discussed with the parents of the children and as i am a bit big for them ,so i said the parents that i will teach them.And the parents also agreed.

Now i teach them maths and english and also give them some homework to do.Nowadays i am also not feeling bored and i am happy to teach them.

Your faithfully
Aniruddha Pokhrel

anniruddha2 2

aniruddha2 1

Namaste from Smeeta Chaulagain

Today it was 11:56 am when the earthquake came. I was inside my room reading magazines. Suddenly my table where I was reading, started to shake. My mother was in the kitchen. She told me that it was earthquake. She also told that we have to run in safe place. So, we ran to the big ground just in front of my house. When we ran out, we however couldn’t see any house falling in my area because houses were strong. But I saw all the people scaring, crying and wanted to know the condition of their family members. My father was in shop which is located in Ason. As we know that Ason is very dangerous with densely populated old houses and there is no open ground to escape. We tried to call him but because of network problem, the phone was not going. We all were much tensed. But after sometime he arrived. But we all were very scared. He also told the condition of Ason. The house in front of his shop was fallen. He say many temples falling down. In the evening we went for a walk to see the condition of our location.  We saw the road cracking at both sides. One side was on the top and another side was in lower surface. Some houses in the Kaushaltar, Lokanthali were going inside the bottom and some were falling. We ate some fast food and return back to our house. That day we stayed outside under a tent. When I remember that day, I still feel scared. I cannot study properly. In my mind, there is always fear of earthquake.  Hearing this condition of my beautiful country, it feels like crying. I am very upset as well as scared.


Smeeta Chaulagain Class: 8 Siddhartha Vidyapith, Gatthaghar